IN THE DEITY OF JESUS CHRIST, in His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, His atoning death on the cross, His resurrection, His ascension to Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father and in His return to earth one day
IN SALVATION of sinful men by the regeneration of the Holy Spirit who indwells within the Christian enabling him to live a holy life
IN THE RESURRECTION of the lost and the saved, that those who are saved are ushered into eternal life, that those who are lost unto damnation
IN THE BIBLE to be the infallible, authoritative, inspired word of God
IN TITHING ten percent of a Believer's first fruits to his local congregation and giving of offerings
IN CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP with like minded Believers
IN UTILIZING YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS to serve Jesus Christ and His Kingdom
THE ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE is for everyone to have life with God now and forevermore



​ Agape Productions Inc. ​​

Agape Productions Inc. is a family friendly entertainment corporation specializing in faith based stories for the entire family.  We create, write and produce for television, the stage, screen, books and conferences. We have in development two films Women of the Corinthian Cafe and Cast the First Stone.  Unto the Least of These a 13 minute screener is ready for preview for distributors.  We bring uplifting, and inspiring productions to the screen and the stage. 
Unto the Least of These wins the Indie Fest Merit Award,  Bayou Film Festival,  Honorable Mention, New York Intl Festival participant and many more. 

Agape Productions Inc. in cooperation with McDonalds Corporation in New York feeds the Least of These in honor of the film Unto the Least of These screening at the New York Intl. Festival.