WOMEN OF THE CORINTHIAN CAFE - The spiritual Waiting to Exhale story of 3 women who meet monthly for coffee is based on the novel with the same title. 

THE CAFE - A stage play profiling the lives of 3 women and the men who love them.

CAST THE FIRST STONE - Tells a contemporary heart warming love story of Hosea and Gomer in the Old Testament based on the novel of the same title. 

UNTO THE LEAST OF THESE - An episodic television series about a group of homeless people who line up for social services and get touched by angels with their own dysfunction to contend with. 

The Continental Div ide: Racing Towards Reconciliation. Is a curriculum on racial reconciliation for small groups.​

Enjoy the Komedic stylings of Kween Kandace from Ethopia by way of Chicago. She presents a hillarious 20 minute comedy routine (in her own mind) a light hearted faith and family filled presentation of hope often served as the appetizer before the main course. She's a story teller with a happy ending.
Welcome to life, we are just passing through!

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Serving as a national conference speaker for a wide range of topics including racial reconciliation and disability.

Providing management and consultant services for high profiled artist, entertainers , speakers and authors.

Event planning services. 

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Agape Place International is a movement outside the 4 walls of a building seeking to connect people with the redemptive message of Jesus Christ without judgment and with love and compassion. With the goal of meeting them where they are while encouraging them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. There are people who will never enter a church building. Agape Place Intl takes the church to them going into their communities and through a series of well thought out questions will help them begin their own spiritual journey. This is a relational ministry that seeks to reconcile individuals to Christ and then with each other. Contact Kandis the Reconciliationist for more information.